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Maths Mania is one of those rare games that bring in pleasure and enjoyment to learning. This is a great way for kids to get a strong hold on mathematics without getting bored with monotonous number puzzles. The game brings in a random combination of numbers to form new puzzles every time you play and so even if you play thousands of times, it's like a new game.
Boost Your Knowledge
  • Addition
  • Subtration
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Random
The puzzles are programmed to bring out results in different permutation and combination for sums of addition where one needs to add up the given number to bring out the final result.
Learn to subtract various combinations of numbers to reach the final output. All the puzzles are randomly arranged and so there is a new puzzle any number of times that you play.
Multiply the given numbers to obtain the end result and do it with new combinations every time. This is the most interesting part of the game where you get new sums each time you play.
learn to divide the numbers in all the various possible combinations and get better with each passing game. The level increases each time you play and so does your skill.
This is a combination of all the puzzles summed up in one where you got to add, subtract, multiply and divide to reach the final result. This way you can check the skills you have acquired and even hone them to get even better.

Creative way to improve initial maths skill on ipad ! love the graphics . . .

Maths Mania is a fun and challenging game that requires good maths skill , initial levels are easy but as you progress to high levels its need more attention and good maths skill. For the design I just want to say - Creative & Simple ! My kids love this application and now whenever I ask them for study they use an excuse to playing maths game which is good and help them in there education as well. The fun part is trying to match Answers with touch to Questions and once level complete it will present a beautiful cartoon. I suggest to improve the scoring and have negative score for failure attempts, thought it was a great game ! Five stars! Steve taylor - NOV 12th 2010